Grant Williams on 4th Turning, The End Game, & Many MORE – RCS Ep. 87

Rebel Capitalist Show

Grant Williams reveals incredible insights YOU NEED TO KNOW!

What I enjoy most about Grant Williams is he's not only one of the sharpest thinkers in the world of MACRO. He is someone who articulates his thoughts very well in a way that we can ALL understand.

He is an Industry Veteran Writer of the hugely popular newsletter Things That Make You Go Hmmmm and Co-Founder of Real Vision TV!

In this episode, we discuss ALL of today's most pressing topics like Federal Reserve Policy, Inflation, and the QE End Game. We also discuss the Wealth Inequality, Investment Principles, and much much more!

As always, The Rebel Capitalist Show helps YOU learn more about Macro, Investing, Entrepreneurship, AND Personal Freedom. If you're interested in the Future of the Economy, then this is a MUST-WATCH video!

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