Gold Hits High, Bitcoin 10k+, & USD Tanks! Should You Buy, Hold, Sell?!

In this Whiteboard explainer video, I discuss Gold Hitting All-time High, Bitcoin Reaching Over 10k, and the US Dollar Falling out of Bed! I also reveal whether YOU should Buy, Hold, or Sell?

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Gold Hits All-time High, Bitcoin Over 10k, and the US Dollar is Falling out of Bed!

What should YOU do? Should YOU Buy, Hold, or Sell?

I'm going to explain this to you in 3 Simple Fast Steps.

Step Number 1!

We have to answer the question that we always start with when we are looking at a specific asset to buy. That is asking if…

Is it cheap? Or is it expensive?

We start with the Gold chart adjusted for inflation going back to 1970.

Discover Step Number 2 and Step Number 3 by watching the complete video above.

P.S. In Step Number 1, I said “I'll take a pass on Bitcoin.” I meant I'll pass on giving an opinion on whether it's cheap or expensive, not whether I'd buy it. Thanks for watching everyone!

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