Housing bubble 2.0 (Why And When It’ll Crash)

Real Estate

Are We Currently In A Housing Bubble?

Yes! I give you my top 3 reasons we are in the housing bubble 2.0.

I go over all the FACTS and CHARTS.

I tell you WHEN the real estate market will crash and I also explain WHY it will crash and by HOW MUCH.

Each market has its own characteristics and I go over the information you've never heard before, so if you're at all interested in real estate or if you own a home this is a must watch.

The main reasons housing prices will fall are:

  • Current prices in markets like LA, San Francisco, and Denver are sky high relative to wages and their historic averages, adjusted for inflation.
  • We're nearing the end of an interest rate bull market, when (not if) rates reverse for another 20-30 year cycle housing will get crushed. Because of the massive amount of debt in the system. And I discuss another reason NO ONE ever talks about.
  • Recession. Most people ignore the housing problem because lending standards aren't as bad. What they don't understand is the next housing bust will be a result of a recession.

In 2009 the housing bust created the recession so it's completely reversed this time which is why people don't see it coming.