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REAL ESTATE INVESTING VLOG #8 – Valuable Lessons, Project Decisions And Street Brawls!

Real Estate

Start with episode 1 here.

Get ready to be entertained while learning a lot about the real world of house flipping, remodeling and investing.

In this episode my hard money guy introduces me to a local agent who has some “spectacular” investment opportunities (her words not mine) and as you'd guess I wasn't exactly impressed by the pro forma numbers.

The good news is we turn it into a great lesson for real estate investors of all levels.

Next, I meet with my general contractor Joaquin to make some very difficult decisions regarding two of my current remodel projects. Tons of golden nuggets during these scenes to learn from.

Lastly, I go to a Colombian soccer game which I can't even begin to articulate. You've gotta see it to believe it trusts me.

And yes, there were fights, and yes we got them on camera! 👊