Iran War: What Happens To Price Of Gold, Oil, Stocks, Dollar?

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An Iran War would change the world, are 👉YOU FINANCIALLY PREPARED? 👈

If the US goes to war with Iran tomorrow, what would most likely happen to the price of gold? Stocks? Inflation?

These are the questions you should be asking, and fortunately, this video has the ANSWERS YOU NEED!

Unfortunately, the US has been in several wars, the threat of an Iran war is nothing new, the upside is there's plenty of data to see how assets, rates, and inflation have moved in a time of war.

If we study history we can be better prepared for the future, regardless of whether or not the future holds and Iran war.

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What's unique about a war with Iran is it's a huge oil producer, this offers a completely different dynamic to the analysis.

But the last the US went through the gulf war in 1990 and the Iraq war in 2003 so there is data we can analyze to see what to look for if the US goes to war with Iran.

Making matters more complex is the fact the global monetary system and US economy is very fragile right now.

A big shock could lead to disaster ESPECIALLY if the shock produced higher interest rates in the developed economies.

The bottom line is there is a possibility for an Iran war, although we have to hope it doesn't come to that, we also need to be as prepared as possible to position ourselves financially for whatever comes next.

In this Iran war Video, I talk gold, oil, stocks, dollar, and MORE. Also I'll discuss the following:

  1. Historically what's happened in the time of war to stocks, oil, interest rates, inflation, dollar, and precious metals.
  2. I draw conclusions that'll help you be more prepared for Iran.

If you're interested in the world economy and what a war with Iran would mean to the US financial system and asset prices THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU!