Jim Rogers (Commodities, Crisis Investing, Buy Panic/Sell Hysteria, Timing Bubbles, Emerging Mkts)

“Bubbles wipe out two people; the people who are skeptical about the bubble, they say this is a bubble this is going to collapse they get wiped out because bubbles do really insane things and they go on and on. Nobody can believe what happens in the bubble and the other people that the bubbles wipe out are the believers because then there are all these guys who believe it’s a different time ……The skeptics get wiped out because they know it's going to end but they go along much longer than they believe and the believers because then all these guys come along and say wait a minute you don't understand it's different now this is change and civilization belief and then they get wiped out.” - Jim Rogers.

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Market experience during stagflation in 1970.
  • Bond as a bubble
  • Short Hysteria and Buy Panic
  • Japanese Stocks vs. US Stocks
  • Investment Decision: Cheap and Change
  • Investing in Commodities Experience and Advice
  • Thoughts on Investing in some countries (Turkey, Columbia, Valenzuela, Myanmar, etc.)
  • Basics on Investment
  • The secret on how to become a best-seller in Japan
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