We’re Suing The Federal Reserve!! (Let’s Finish What Ron Paul Started)

We’re going to sue the Federal Reserve under the FIOA and I’m going to put up the first chunk of change here and we're going to set up a gofundme and what we're going to do is for every dollar that people put into the gofundme to help this project and to help us with this campaign to we'll call it #ENDTHEFED or at least hot at the fed right now kind of taking something big. Hat tip to Ron Paul there of course but for every dollar, people put into the campaign. I’m going to match it so if people put in fifty thousand dollars I’m going to put in fifty thousand dollars of my own in addition to the probable twenty-five thousand Dollars that I put in initially to get this thing going. If you also want to #ENDTHEFED join us, watch the full video below.

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Legal Strategies to end Fed.
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • Rules of Earl Long
  • Purchasing Power of one dollar before and after FED
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Stephanie Mason
Stephanie Mason
3 days ago

I love that you are suing the Feds I am 100% committed to doing anything and everything I can do to help , win this lawsuit. I had very little Hope of EVER getting ahead,, thinking my life would end with NOTHING to leave my challenged son , until Rebel Capitalist Pro. Thank You!