Bill Fleckenstein (Fed Deep Dive, Debt Jubilee, Inflation, Bonds, Pro Investing Secrets Revealed)

“Like Warren Buffet of his expressions put all your eggs in one basket and watches that one basket very carefully. So on one hand he’s saying well you got to concentrate and on the other hand people say we do to be diversified. Well, you can do one or the other, a bit of both but you can use the same tactics with each strategy. So if you’re quite diversified you don’t have to hover over your stocks quite as much. If you’re all concentrated in one area you have too much more proactive about managing the risk because you don’t have any diversity. I mean if you’re wrong on your idea while you’re ganged up on these things that are long or short you are in big trouble. So what I did while running my short book is I kept my funds small….. I kept my funds small to be able to be out of everything in hours if I decided I was wrong. There is nothing worse than knowing you’re wrong and not able to get out of your position. That’s like the worst feeling ever”. Gain more knowledge and investing techniques from the pro himself - Bill Fleckenstein.

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • What is a contrarian?
  • Risk Reward Management
  • Portfolio Construction
  • His thoughts on Gamestop
  • Short Interest
  • Bond Market to stop FED
  • Inflation or disinflation?
  • The difficulty of Gold as an Asset
  • On the Fed by Bill Fleckenstein
  • Debt Jubilee in Japan


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