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Learn to 10X Your Gold & Silver Gains with Jamie Keech!! – RCS Ep. 81

Rebel Capitalist Show

It gives me a great deal of pleasure to welcome someone to The Rebel Capitalist Show that I have really been looking forward to speaking with. His name is Jamie Keech!

Who is Jamie Keech?

Jamie is partners with my good buddy in Rebel Capitalist Pro, Chris MacIntosh.

He is an expert in Precious Metals and he specializes in private placements so I wanted to dive into that with him today to help YOU understand how you might be able to outsize your returns in this Gold and Silver bull market that I think we're in right now.

Rebel Capitalist Pro

For those of you who might not know Jamie's full back story, I ask him about to share what he has been doing.

Jamie Keech is the Co-founder and Chief Editor of Resource Insider. Jamie and Chris MacIntosh started Resource Insider together back in early 2018.

They had been talking for six months, they got introduced to each other by some mutual friends. They knew they wanted to create a product to go after opportunities in the mining and the natural resource sector.

Chris is a Macro guy and he wants to allocate capital into Gold, into commodities, into Silver, and all of these things. But he will tell you himself he's not a mining guy.

That's where Jamie Keech entered the picture. Jamie has the exact opposite background of Chris MacIntosh. So basically, the skill sets of the two perfectly complement each other.

Jamie Keech is the Co-founder of Resource Insider. He is a Mining Engineer, an Investor, and a Writer.

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To find out more about this incredible opportunity to participate in private placement deals, in what could be the greatest Gold and Silver bull market in history, check out Resource Insider!