House Hacking: Millionaire Explains Everything You Need To Know

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House hacking is without a doubt the best financial decision you’ll ever make

Why not live for free and get rich in the process?

In this video, I explain everything you need to know to use this super powerful wealth-building tool.

I even tell you how long it’ll take you to become a millionaire with house hacking! The first step is to understand how house hacking works.

We go through that using an example of a triplex.

But keep in mind, it's something you can do with a single-family home as well.

Then we go through all the numbers and details using a four-plex listing from Zillow.

We discuss how much rent you could expect and what the expenses would be. It becomes clear how easy it is to live for free.

But how can you get rich?

Now the fun part.

I show you, in detail, how you can realistically become a millionaire with house hacking and I actually go over exactly how long it would take.

There's truly no better investment I've ever seen. Who doesn't want to live for free and get rich with house hacking!?!?!

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