Marc Faber (Long Term Affects Of Stimulus, Monetary Heroin, US Propaganda, Civil War?)

“I am afraid to say that this artificial stimulus has actually worsened conditions for many people. It improved the conditions of the 0.01 percent of the population that are big shareholders, big property owners, and the voice but the normal guy on the street that I would call the average person, the typical person worldwide is still suffering very badly from the crisis that was induced by governments. It wouldn’t have had to be this bad but governments with their continuous intervention and they know their know it better attitude and their arrogance and viciousness they have destroyed the lives of million people that have lost their business with which they had built up with accumulated savings, these businesses will not come back.” - Marc Faber

Here are highlights of the video: 

  • Expansionary Monetary Policies
  • The Long Term Effect/s of artificial stimulus
  • Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Does gold and real interest rate correlate?
  • High-interest rates are bad for assets
  • Lockdown Status different parts of the world (Thailand, Columbia, Puerto Rico. Etc.)
  • Totalitarian Regimes in Germany
  • The Possibility of Civil War
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