Marco Wutzer (Crypto Currency, Austrian Economics, Medellin Lifestyle, Plan B)

“The Government is the problem here not the solution so the more the government gets out of the way the better right? I mean Government doesn’t have any funds it has to steals them from a productive business or individual. So it’s hurting the economy there or on the other hand, if they print money then it’s an indirect tax and is hurting just as much. So the real solution to get back to everything running smooth and booming again is just to get rid of as much Government as possible. “- Marco Wutzer. Find out why he said the above statement as I interview him in the Rebel Capitalist Show. For the full video click the link below.

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Columbia’s Supply chain before Covid19 vs. during Covid19
  • Relation of the following: Sound Money, Government and Taxes
  • Crypto Adoption
  • Blockchain ecosystem
  • D5/ Decentralized finance
  • Zone for Economic freedom and development
  • Steps in creating plan B/Marco Wutzer’s Advice in creating a backup plan
  • Stockholm Syndrome
  • Lockdown Status of Medellin
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