Martin North Interview on Real Estate Data and Many MORE! – RCS Ep. 79

Rebel Capitalist Show

It gives a great deal of pleasure to welcome someone back to The Rebel Capitalist Show. Our guest for this episode is a good buddy of mine from down under. His name is Martin North!

Martin North is a Finance Sector Analyst and Principal Digital Finance Analytics.

In this interview, I want to dive into the data because it is the specialty of Martin and he is someone who always got his fingers on the pulse of what's going on especially with the housing market in Australia.

There have been dramatic changes since the last time I talked with Martin. So I ask Martin to give us (average Joe and Jane) updates about the current markets.

I also ask Martin how the COVID-19 numbers are affecting Australia specifically Melbourne since the cycle the country is going through right now is quite similar to what is also happening in some of the states in the US.

The cycle I am referring to is from semi-lockdown to kind of semi-opened up and to now more Draconian type of lockdown. I know this is very much applicable to the viewers from the United States.

Watch the entire interview with Martin North using the video above!

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