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Modern Monetary Theory: Utopia OR Catastrophe? (ANSWER REVEALED)


Modern monetary Theory Explained!

Is MMT the solution to all our economic problems or road to economic ruin?

Modern monetary theory or MMT. It's in the news, discussed on social media, Bernie Sanders even appointed an MMT professor as his economic “advisor” when he ran for president.

It's crucial you understand how it works, because like it or not, modern monetary theory is coming

What's odd is modern monetary theory isn't that modern and it's not really a theory. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing. Why?

Because it's simply big government and higher taxes (minus the bond market).

The proponents of MMT make it out to be this enlightened approach that no one can understand because everyone was brainwashed by so many years of the gold standard.

They all have been gifted this clairvoyance that us mortal rubes in the general public just can't seem to grasp…or so they think. 😉

In reality, it's just a different twist on modern Keynesian economics (minus the fed and the bond market).