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Peter Schiff Predicts US Bankruptcy – Is He Right? (ANSWER REVEALED)


US Bankruptcy – Is He Right?

In his amazing book titled “The Real Crash, America's Coming Bankruptcy,” Peter Schiff gives YOU dire warnings for the future of the US. Discover if he's right or wrong!

As always, I break it all down for you in a way that's super easy to understand, I explain everything clearly so you can make smart financial decisions in the future, that according to Peter Schiff (and the facts), looks grim.

Peter Schiff's book echoed much of what I talk about on this channel (I think he might be a subscriber! 😉 he talks about the US government has so much debt that it's completely unsustainable, therefore they'll have to continue the money printing game until the whole system collapses.

It's great to see a true legend like Peter Schiff, reiterate so much of what all of us know to be true, but never is talked about in the mainstream media.

This video is an absolute must-watch.

I break Peter Schiff's book (a first chapter which outlines his views of the current economy and how a collapse might play out) down into 9 short parts so you can follow along easily and absorb all the super important information.

In this video you'll discover:

  1. Peter Schiff outlines how we went from dot com to housing to government bubble.
  2. The reality of the national debt.
  3. The states are completely broke.
  4. Government making the middle class much worse off.
  5. Peter Schiff outlines how the media and government brainwash us into believing spending is patriotic and saving is unpatriotic.
  6. Why the trade deficit is NOT harmless.
  7. Peter Schiff shows us how consumerism is NOT capitalism.
  8. A thorough break down of the current government bubble.
  9. Peter Schiff's end game and do I agree or disagree!

This is a jam-packed video so if you're a Peter Schiff fan then this is a MUST WATCH!

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