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Inverted Yield Curve: Discover What EVERYONE IS MISSING!


The Inverted Yield Curve explained

It's NOT just about a recession…trust me! In this video, you're going to discover the inverted yield curve is signaling MUCH MORE about the future than recession risk.

AND NOBODY'S TALKING ABOUT THIS! Most are looking at the past inverted yield curve and saying it's due to central banks man handling rates worldwide but they're missing the biggest risk of them all!!

What they're missing in their brief analysis of the inverted yield curve is the fact the next recession has the potential of being far worse than 2009. Also, inverted yield curves are NOT CREATED EQUAL.

Meaning, an inverted yield curve with higher overall rates is vastly safer than one where the overall rates are lower.

This video on the most recent inverted yield curve is a must-watch if you have any interest in the future of the US economy, regardless of whether or not the inversion signals a recession or total financial collapse.

In the video, I discuss the following:

  • Inverted yield curve basics.
  • The inverted yield curve and how duration risk works
  • The inverted yield curve end game, biz cycle, a much worse future recession, and an implosion of the bond market.