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Negative Interest Rates Explained: (SIMPLE & FAST)



How negative rates could lead to economic collapse.

All the secrets the central banker's DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW, and the devastation of negative interest rates will be revealed!

Negative interest rates have taken over in Japan and Europe, and if they come to the US they'll erode away our economy as well. If you're interested in the future of the US economy this video on the crucial topic of negative interest rates is a must-see!

We know that healthy economies are built around savings and investment. But once negative interest rates are introduced, it not only crushes savings but it destroys price discovery (which is already highly distorted by ZIRP), and once the economy losses price discovery then the end is near.

And the irony is that the pro-negative-interest-rate central bankers think it's the cure but it's actually the poison!

There are several vital lessons to be learned in this video, but none are as important as understanding that at the core of any economy is the efficiency of allocating scarce resources with alternative uses.

If a government imposes negative interest rates then the economy will gradually move into chaos because the mechanism for allocating valuable resources will have been destroyed (price discover by negative interest rates).

In this video, you'll discover everything you need to know about negative interest rates in 5 simple, easy to understand steps:

  1. What is at the center of economics and the economy?
  2. Why savings is important (the nemesis of negative interest rates).
  3. Why price discovery is vital to a healthy economy.
  4. How negative interest rates create chaos in an economy.
  5. And the negative interest rate end-game.