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Negative Oil Prices! WTF? Is The Entire System Collapsing?!?! (Answered)


Negative oil prices are 👉 TELLING YOU THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG! 👈

We have an economy that has been completely financialized by the Federal Reserve manipulating interest rates and printing limitless amounts of US dollars.

This leads to the instability in the economy, and the negative oil prices we see now, but what's the end game? Is the current chaos in markets just the tip of the iceberg?

Is it possible this is the economic collapse many Austrian economists have predicted?

And do we get a complete economic collapse, as we've seen with negative oil prices? How does it play out?

We know negative oil prices can't be a good sign, combine that with negative interest rates, and do we get inflation, deflation, hyperinflation, recession or a depression?

Only time will tell, but if we understand what's happening in the current economic environment we can better prepare ourselves, and our portfolios for the future.

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As many of you know Chris MacIntosh of Capitalist Exploits completely called the oil crash in our interview weeks ago.

He suggested people buy stock in oil tankers, which many did, including me. Thanks to Chris I'm up 17%.

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In this negative oil price video, I discuss the following:

  1. What made oil prices go negative? 
  2. The hidden secrets of USO.
  3. Connect the dots to discover if the system is collapsing.