Nic Carter (Bitcoin And The Future Of Money Deep Dive! Deflationary Money, Lessons From Weimar)

“Bitcoin is designed to be perfectly inelastic with regards to price in terms of the supply perspective, so you’re always going to have volatility that’s in my view future because we are getting this really nice property of extreme monetary soundness and this very direct conveyance form demand into price with no sort of a very pure signal from demand through to the price itself but a lot of people dislike that feature and they wish that it had more moderation but that’s sort of what you’re getting when you buy bitcoin. You have to come into it with sort of open eyes.” This is the perception of one of the Bitcoin enthusiasts and practitioners Nic Carter.

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Future of Bitcoin
  • Will Bitcoin be global money?
  • Bitcoin denominated credit
  • Bitcoin’s Interest Rates
  • Price Transaction of Bitcoin
  • Lessons from the Weimar Republic in Germany
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