Rick Rule (Commodities Deep Dive, Interest Rates, Miners, Gold Price Manipulation, Bitcoin)

“I think that Bitcoin and Gold are complementary assets except around the fringes. There’s a group of people in the world who think that the gold is going to go to fifteen thousand dollars and they think that Bitcoin is going to go to a million or something like that God bless them both, I mean I get it. The speculative fringe will do what they do. I think they’re very different types of assets….. The truth is they’re both pimples on the elephants behind, they really really really don’t matter except fortunes in most cases speculators for the rest of us they’re probably compatible asset classes and not in competition.” – Rick Rule.

Here are the highlights of the video:

  • Declining Price of Gold
  • Interest Rate on the US 10-year treasury
  • Bitcoin – the new 10-year treasury competitor.
  • Gold vs. Bitcoin
  • In-depth Analysis on Commodities: Gold, Copper, Uranium, Silver.
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