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If you're interested in the Oil Market, this video is for YOU!

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Marc Maximilien Authier
Marc Maximilien Authier
3 years ago

Personally I love to invest massively in oil and gas when it sucks. You can buy for example russian oil stocks for pennies on the dollars. The idiots still dont get it here. Russia has changed for the better. You can buy truly huge reserves of gas and oil and these companies are lean and mean and pay ultra fat dividends that are far safer than US companies with are rotten with debt. Those I bought are cash rich and still generating free cash flow. Exceptionnal values are found when the sheep are not there. All the sheep are in… Read more »

Marc Maximilien Authier
Marc Maximilien Authier
3 years ago

Ethanol fiasco is a fine example how US politicians are total morons !!!!!! And Europe isnt better with their real dumb investments in wind mills. Politicians and journalists are truly dangerous retards and total morons indeed when it comes to energy. The Tesla bubble is based in total BS. Most of these dumb milleniums and yuppies purchasing a Tesla should know that their electricity has to be produced either by nuclear, coal or natural gas electric plants not wind mills or solar panels. The Green policies are a formula for total economic destruction and has indeed nothing to do with… Read more »