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Quantitative Easing: Will It Cause Hyperinflation? (ANSWER REVEALED)


In this video, you will learn whether or not the QE4 bailout of the repo market, done by the Federal Reserve, catalyzed THE COLLAPSE OF THE US DOLLAR.

Will we see hyperinflation?

In the middle of September, the Federal Reserve injected freshly printed money into the repo market.

In spite of the fact that the Federal Reserve is churning out cash to purchase assets, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is telling the public that what they are doing does not amount to quantitative easing (QE).

This begs the question, “Why lie to us?”

The Federal Reserve has been causing inflation by creating wealth out of nothing. The gradual introduction of more cash into the economy brings the dollar closer to its collapse.

In this video you will learn the following:

1. What creates a dollar collapse?
2. To what extent has the Federal Reserve done QE?
3. How fast is the Federal Reserve doing QE? 

  1. Until when will the QE be ongoing?
  2. What does the end game look like for all of us?
  3. Will quantitative easing bring us closer to hyperinflation?