Stanley Druckenmiller: Timing Market Crash, Inflation, and The Fed



Worried about inflation? Want to know the insider secrets to time the next market crash? If so, this video is for you!

Get the insider secrets from Stanley Druckenmiller one of the greatest investors in history.

Stanley Druckenmiller averaged an amazing 30% returns per year for his entire career!

He has always been a sharp macro thinker and he invests using that tops down approach. So when he discusses the Fed and inflation, the whole world listens.

Stanley Druckenmiller just did an interview. In it, he discusses his thoughts on the Fed, inflation, markets, and, most importantly, what he's investing in.

By looking at where Stanley Druckenmiller is investing his billions of dollars we can get a read on what he thinks the future holds for markets.

This gives us average investors a HUGE EDGE.  All we need to do is listen!

Stanley Druckenmiller is one of my personal favorites. I first read about his investing strategies in one of the “Market Wizards” books, which are now iconic in their own right.

At the time Stanley Druckenmiller's approach, of tops down analysis to place very large investments made a lot of sense.

Since that time I've tried to follow his interviews to learn as much as I can from this living legend.

I also find it curious that Jim Rogers and Stanley Druckenmiller both worked with George Soros.

This obviously shaped their personal investing framework because if you study both Rogers and Druckenmiller, it becomes obvious they see the investing world in a very similar manner.

In this Stanley Druckenmiller video, I discuss the following:

1.  Summary of Stanley Druckenmiller's investment framework, which makes him great and how he times recessions and market downturns by first analyzing liquidity.

2.  Stanley Druckenmiller's views on future inflation probabilities through an overview of his current portfolio.

3.  Stanley Druckenmiller's most recent interview where he discusses the Fed, misallocation of resources, deflation, and much much more!

IF YOU have any interest in the future of the US economy this is a MUST WATCH VIDEO!