Inflation: Why Experts Say It’s The END GAME


I'm sure you've heard many iconic investors talk about the US going into an inflationary bust.

The gold bugs are always talking about inflation as though it's the next nuclear war. Why is that? W

hat do they see, and why is there so much fear.

If you're wondering about the future of the US  then this video is for YOU!

Inflation is simply the increase in the money supply, although most define it as prices going up.

Prices increasing is actually a symptom of inflation.

Regardless, of the definition when inflation gets out of control it destroys savings and creates havoc in the economy.

The US has avoided this type of inflation because there's artificial demand for the US dollar. This allows the US to live well beyond its means.

If the US didn't have the world reserve currency the standard of living would be much lower. And this is the thrust of the argument for the inflationists.

They say the Fed will print as much money as necessary to paper over the massive debts of the US consumer and the federal government.

Experts who see inflation in the future also argue, rightly so, the US is the largest debtor nation in the history of the world, and the only way out of a debt problem is to create inflation or default.

They think the path of least resistance for the government will be inflation.

In this video on inflation, you'll discover

  • What inflation is and how it works
  • The main reasons experts think inflation is unavoidable
  • The inflation end game