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Deflation: Why Experts Say It’s The END GAME


Deflation Explained

In this deflation video, I'll reveal all the insider information YOU NEED TO KNOW about deflation and how it works.

I'm sure you've heard many iconic investors talk about the US falling into a deflationary bust.

The Fed is always talking about inflation as though it's the next nuclear war. Why is that? What do they see, and why is there so much fear.

Rebel Capitalist Pro

If you've wondered about the future of the US this video is for YOU! Deflation in and of itself isn't bad.

Prices go down and the consumer wins right? Who doesn't want to be able to buy what they want at a cheaper price?

Consumers are always looking for sales. But when deflation comes as a result of a debt bubble bursting it's a totally different story.

You'll get lower prices but you'll also get shockingly high unemployment, a much lower standard of living, and untold poverty.

The first step is to understand deflation and its effects on the US economy.

Then use the information to make better financial decisions.

In this video, you'll discover the following information NO ONE is talking about!

  • How money is created and how that affect deflation?
  • What are the arguments the deflation experts make?
  • What does the deflation END GAME look like?

Deflation had devastating effects in the 1930s and it may have worse effects in the near future.

But watching this video and educating yourself will help you be prepared for whatever happens and THRIVE in any situation!