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Federal Reserve – Repo Market – Fed Funds – QE : Explained (Simple & Fast)


How The Federal Reserve Works

Discover everything you need to know to understand what has been going on in the news about the repo market, QE4, and the Federal Reserve.

If you're interested in building and protecting wealth in this world of economic insanity THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU!

The federal reserve, repo market, and QE4 have been in the news nonstop lately.

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But unless you're an insider it's hard to understand the lingo and how all the internal plumbing works of the US financial system.

The great news is if you understand a few simple concepts you'll not only better understand what you hear in the financial media about the federal reserve, repo market, and QE4 but you'll also make better decisions for your future.

The secrets behind how the Federal Reserve works and DOESN'T work are all revealed. You'll discover the following:

1. How money is created by the Federal Reserve

2. How the Fed used to control the fed funds rate

3. How the Fed now controls the fed funds rate and QE (it's different)

4. The discount rate

5. The repo market

This video is short, simple, and to the point. Afterward, make sure you check out the following videos!