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Rebel Capitalist Q&A April 26, 2020


In this Live Q&A we answered questions like:

  • I'm 33-years old, I sold some real estate and I have $600K from the sale. I'm thinking about putting all in the stock market what do you think?
  • I own a surgery center, one-third unoccupied, I'm struggling to find a tenant. One-third are not paying rent, should I get rid of it, even at a loss, what do you what do I think?
  • I am in Germany, have 55 percent in physical gold, and 45 percent in sovereign corporate bonds in the eurozone. Should I get out of the bonds now?
  • I have been studying your channel and Macro Voices and I am so thankful. My mother is retired I have her in a self-directed IRA with precious metals focus. Most funds remain in a separate money market account. Where else do you think is safe in this environment?
  • If the Federal Reserve is a private entity, why can't they forgive some or all of the US debt? Also, what did they do with the bad mortgage-backed securities and CDOs from 2008?
  • Are the RV ratios in Medellin Colombia better than your rentals in Kansas City? Are you still flipping in Medellin or are you renting them out right now?
  • I'm 38 with $300 thousand in cash and cars that are all paid off. I have ninety-five thousand in retirement, a $60,000 a year job that I hate. I want to do something more entrepreneurial. Any advice?
  • Let's say gold goes up by ten percent in the next month. Do you sell to maintain the 10 percent?
  • Do you believe that gold will have a pullback after this current rally? I am currently invested in gold royalties.
  • What is your opinion from the recent Macro Voices podcast with Josh Crumb where Eric Townsend claimed $GLD is safer than physical gold?
  • What do you think of the dragon portfolio that Chris Cole talks about on television?
  • Hey George, how are you playing the pandemic?
  • With ZIRP 0% interest rate policy, and mortgage rates still in the 3. 5 range on the thirty-year, do you see them in the two percent range? Any thoughts about where rates are heading?
  • is it still a good idea to sell your house if you are in a cyclical market and you have decent equity? What do you do with the dollars so they don't lose value? Gold and silver?
  • How will the deflation dollar spike period end if it spikes high enough?
  • What is your advice for creating a successful YouTube channel?
  • Can you tell us why you chose to move to Columbia?
  • What's your take on Tesla and uber in a zero percent interest rate policy? Do you think they will lead the future in market sentiments?
  • What will investing look like after the reset of the crisis? Do you think the average person will have any vehicles for building wealth?
  • I'm 37, considering withdrawing from 401k through CARES Act allows penalty-free to withdraw. I plan to pay off my debt, buy Bitcoin, and a laundry mat. Any thoughts?
  • I'm a 36-year-old Air Force nurse with little debt besides my house in Vegas. I'm not an entrepreneur by nature do you have any good suggestions on how I can start a business?
  • In the case of hyperinflation, is there a mechanism in the U.S. to force employers to increase wages?
  • What resources do you personally use to learn macro?
  • How would you suggest someone build a portfolio?
  • I have $200k to invest. I am thinking of the following: 25 percent dividend stocks, 8 percent growth stocks, 24 percent international ETFs, 15 percent commodities. Rest in cash. Should I do this or go gunslinger and hold cash and Bitcoin?
  • What oil stocks do you like right now?
  • If the stock market goes down, the corporate bond market goes down too, as a result. Why? How are they correlated?
  • Is there anyone you trust in Medellin Colombia to help a U.S. buyer get a good unit, like an Airbnb, post-pandemic?
  • Do you think we will hit deflation in the next few years before inflation in real estate?

Plus many more questions. Make sure you watch…One of the longest Live Q&A's I've done.