Peter Schiff Predicts High Consumer Price Inflation

Peter Schiff has made several predictions in 2020 but the most notable is consumer price inflation because of the Federal Reserve taking their balance sheet to infinity and beyond (creating limitless bank reserves) for the endless bailouts.

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But will these additional currency units get into the real economy and create the consumer price inflation Peter Schiff is predicting or to what degree does it matter?

Peter Schiff has been predicting inflation for a long time and although it hasn't gone up to the degree Peters talked about it has gone up.

Oddly enough, at the same time, the US dollar has gotten “stronger.” So is Peter going to be correct about his prediction for consumer price inflation that's more like what we saw in the 1970s compared with what we've seen in the US over the last decade?

I explore Peter's prediction in detail and answer the question “is Peter Schiff right or wrong about inflation?”

If you're interested in the future of the economy, gold, the US dollar, or inflation THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU!! In this Peter Schiff prediction video I discuss the following:

1. The nuances of inflation.

2. An explanation of deflation.

3. Is Peter Schiff correct? If so, why?

Make sure to watch the video above to learn more. 

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Marc Maximilien Authier
Marc Maximilien Authier
3 years ago

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know the official inflation rate is a fraud. Hedonic adjustments, substitution adjustments, not including asset inflation like housing, ignoring taxes as a component of inflation are the many tricks used to dissapear Google style, any traces of inflation. As if healthcare costs, taxes, living under a roof, education havent exploded. The real inflation rate without the manipulations by the government crooks is reality closer to 10%. So if you are still buying bonds and US treasuries, you are indeed a total idiot since the interest rates have been negative for… Read more »

Marc Maximilien Authier
Marc Maximilien Authier
3 years ago

Asset inflation is also inflation. Its not included in the inflation rate. Neither the taxes. Neither the crazy prices you have to pay to buy a house. The CPI is a big fat lie.