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Rebel Capitalist Q&A August 2, 2020


We had another fantastic Live Q&A today! We're seeing an uptick in questions related to macro, investing, real estate, and even personal freedom, which is absolutely great.

You really need to stay ahead of what is going on out there!

If you have a question that you'd like George to ask directly, then tune into the Live Q&A every Sunday at 12 pm EST on the George Gammon youtube channel.

If you are strapped for time, then click PLAY on the video above, and fast forward to the question you are interested in using the timestamps we provided below.

Macro Questions

  1. [8min38sec] Trump knows he can’t declare bankruptcy, so do you think he is encouraging bad Monetary Policy to collapse the system to implement a Gold Standard (Judy Shelton)?
  2. [22min26sec] What are the odds the Reset set forth by the World Economic Forum will come to pass?
  3. [25min23sec] Can you look into the Fed's Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) and possibly make a whiteboard video explaining how it works?
  4. [27min05sec] We are seeing a lockout in the banks lending to corporations unless the loans are backed by the FED, the entire SBA program is wrecked. Are we entering the phase of FED as the “only lender”?
  5. [45min45sec] What are your thoughts on what the ECB is doing? What will be the consequences on the Euro and the Eurozone? Eurozone government bond yields are negative now. Your thoughts on that, please. Thanks!

Investing Questions

  1. [2min41sec] What sectors do you diversify? I feel like I know nothing the more I learn and diversification seems to be the best solution to ignorance.
  2. [7min42sec] Is Bitcoin cheap?
  3. [16min58sec] What would it take for you to short something?
  4. [42min42sec] We know how you feel about Gold and Silver as a store of value, but how do you feel about it as a growth vehicle? Namely Gold and Silver mining stocks.

Real Estate Questions

  1. [9min45sec] Should I buy or rent in South Florida?
  2. [12min23sec] How can I invest in Real Estate in Medellin?
  3. [18min59sec] Personal family residence, joint ownership, or trust?
  4. [26min33sec] Do you think a turnkey house to rent in Tennessee is a good investment?
  5. [54min47sec] As of today, would you recommend Real Estate in Puerto Rico? And how would you see Puerto Rico rise from this economic situation?

Personal Freedom Questions

  1. [13min55sec] Other than Colombia, where might you think of opening a bank account outside of the US to prepare for leaving? By the way, I loved your interview with Nomad Capitalist.
  2. [26min25sec] Should I sell my home now if I have $100k of equity in it?
  3. [33min01sec] When you started your journey on your way to financial freedom, did you look for one-on-one mentors, or were you mentored via books/videos? Who is your most important mentor?
  4. [44min00sec] If we are certainly looking at inflation down the road, would it be wise to take out a personal loan and invest it in physical assets? By the way, love your channel!
  5. [48min23sec] I’m 16 and it looks like I’m going to get $15k from unemployment. What should I do while I’m still in high school? I like the idea of starting a business but now might not be a good time.

Miscellaneous Questions

  1. [10min40sec] When will we see the Merch?
  2. [56min37sec] Are there apartments that you can rent in St. Barts?

If you have a question that you'd like George to ask directly, then tune into the:
Live Q&A every Sunday at 12 pm EST on the George Gammon youtube channel.