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Fed Audit, FedCoin, And Many More!! Ron Paul Interview – RCS Ep. 77

Rebel Capitalist Show

Ron Paul reveals incredible insights YOU NEED TO HEAR!

Ron Paul has been campaigning to audit the Fed since 1975.

We need to see behind the curtain. Today, we discuss this and the governments push to ban cash, moving all Americans checking accounts to the Fed!

This dystopian 1984 might be a reality in the US soon and everyone needs to be informed and prepared. I also talk to Dr. Paul about the Patriot Act and how that compares to what he sees happening with the response to the Cerveza sickness.

Rebel Capitalist Pro

Unfortunately, it's bad news for individuals who value freedom and liberty.

If you're interested in free markets, free minds, and the future of the economy, THIS IS A MUST-WATCH EPISODE!

If you too are outraged at the Federal Reserve, click HERE to sign Ron Paul’s petition to Audit the Fed.

Also, feel free to check Campaign for Liberty by clicking HERE.

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