Rebel Capitalist Q&A May 24 2020


We had a great Q&A on Sunday, May 24, 2020

It was one of my longest Q&As to date. We covered a bunch of questions that I am sure you will be interested in.

We've started adding the timestamp near each question so you don't have to watch the entire Live Q&A unless you want to of course.

Hope to see you on the next one.

Mark your calendars for Sunday June 1st. (Wow, it's almost June!)

In this Q&A we discuss questions like:

Real Estate

  • 4m23s – What’s the Ecuador economy for real estate looking like in 2 to 5 yrs?
  • 19m54s – Wouldn’t it be good to save money and wait for housing prices to collapse like they inevitably will?
  • 1hr8m – What islands interest you for a second home?
  • 2hr05m – How challenging is it to buy real estate in an area you don’t live in? Are there good management companies for the maintenance and finding tenants?
  • 2hr13m – I’m investing in a hybrid market in NJ, single-family vs a multi-family? should I wait if the price is 300k?


  • 33m39s – How will deflation or inflation affect the average person wages in the real economy? Will wages go up during inflation or down? During deflation up or down? will companies be able to raise wages?
  • 1hr16s – Can you explain again DiMartino’s point on why debt jubilee would not work?
  • 1hr27s – How is the Stock Market able to consistently rise week after week with the horrific economic news continuing to roll out? Is this a bubble about to pop? Can the FED keep up hopes?
  • 1hr33m – If one believes that European banks will fail within the next couple of months, what would be the big short kind of way to profit from this?
  • 1hr51m – Do you think there’ll have to be more stimulus package? Reasoning, inflation, and T-bill creation. What do you think of then holding gold and silver to be able to invest in other assets when cost ratio switches?
  • 2hr16m – What options does the US have to sweep Cerveza-sickness debt under the rug (aside from inflating it away)? What would be the consequences?
  • 2hr21m – Aside from short term T-Bills, what options do you see at this moment to get cashflow for your cash?


  • 27m34s – How will we know when it’s time to sell speculations like silver and mining stocks? Is there some kind of ratio you look for?
  • 39m51s – When will Gold reach $2000 Oz?
  • 51m53s – Thoughts on REITs? How do we choose good ones?
  • 55m22s – If gold is insurance & silver is speculation, what criteria would you look for to sell some or all of your gold&silver or mining stocks in the future?
  • 57m23s – Saw an article about governments “banning” gold ownership. What do you think the probability of that is?
  • 1hr1m – Sold half my business, netted $1 million, 38 yrs old, Steady income 20k per month ongoing for at least 5 years. What should I invest in or do from here?
  • 1hr20m – Please comment on TIPS, if inflation is inevitable. Too long an investment?
  • 1hr24m – When are you going to interview Mike Maloney?
  • 1hr54m – If Art Berman is right about energy density should we be considering investing in uranium ETFs?
  • 1hr55m – Are undervalued Crypto’s ($1 or less) with nice fundamentals in real-world used cases as solid speculation for young people?
  • 1hr58m – What are your thoughts on this: 25% gold/silver. 25% of stocks (Cap Exploit portfolio). 25% Crypto and 25% RE?. Total 100k.
  • 2hr24m – Aside from Shell, any other good yielding stocks you’re eyeing? Do you have a video explaining the analysis you do when investing in a given stock?
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