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My Investing Principles: 3 Steps To Build Wealth & Thrive

Educational Series Investing

These 3 Investing Principles Make Me Money!

These same investment strategies have been used successfully by legendary investors like Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, and Doug Casey.

But these investment strategies are not complex, in fact, they're very simple. That is the principles are simple, but they're not easy to implement because it takes a contrarian mindset.

In the video, I'll reveal the real stories behind my maturation as an investor. Areas where I made money, and areas where I lost money.

This is no holds barred truth! I'm confident the proven investment strategies I use will work for you just like they've worked for Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Doug Casey and me.

The 3 investing principles we'll discuss are:

1. Buy assets when they're cheap

2. Only buy assets that pay you to own them

3. Diversify political and currency risk

These 3 key principles, forgotten in a world of Keynesian economics, central bank manipulation, and high flying unicorn stocks, are the cornerstone of this channel.

It's vitally important to be cognizant of the economic craziness around us and be prepared for the next big recession, but it's equally important to your personal freedom to build wealth!

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