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Housing Market: Buy Now Or Wait For Crash…ANSWERED!

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Housing Market: Buy Now Or Wait?

I wrote an extensive blog post about the housing market and whether or not you should buy now or wait until a crash occurs. Check out the deep dive here. Also, this video does a great job and supports the bog post.

Do you buy now and take advantage of low rates OR WAIT for a crash and risk rates going higher?

Discover all the math, facts, and data so YOU can master the housing market and make the best financial decisions possible. You won't find anything like this on the internet.

This deep dive into the housing market today and after the crash focuses on several different potential situations like a 2008 crash, the Japanese crash, 1970's inflation, and “normal” 3% inflation.

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The question I get most often is, “should I buy now with low-interest rates or wait and buy later at potentially lower prices but higher rates”?

These people have done the math and see the total amount paid is similar. It can be incredibly confusing, especially when you include inflation.

But they understand the housing market doesn't need to be so complex as long as you know the facts and work through the math.

In this video, we unlock the keys to making a good decision that makes you money in the long run!

We discuss the math behind the following scenarios:

1. 3% inflation, 3% nominal price increases

2. 0% inflation, 0% nominal price increases

3. 2008 like crash

4. Japanese like crash

5. 1970's like inflation And we cover the math using a 300k price point AND a 150k price point to mimic today's prices and prices after a crash.

This video on the housing market is the most complete one you'll find.

I'm excited for you to get maximum value!!