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Repo Market Explained: Does Fed Bailout Signal Financial Collapse?


Does the next financial collapse have anything to do with the housing bubble 2.0? Is the repo market chaos trying to tell us the underlying system is failing?

Is this the next financial crisis canary in the coal mine?

Discover the answers to all your questions! Finally, the repo market explained in an easy to understand way.

The federal reserve stopped intervening in the repo market in 2008 (when Lehman went bust), now, 10+ years again they've started to intervene again.

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First, the Fed told us it was only a temporary glitch, of course now they've changed their tune.

They've had to continue this repo market QE4 since the “glitch” in September.

In this repo market explainer video, I specifically discuss:

1. How the repo market works

2. What the repo market problem was

3. What were the excuses the mainstream media gave

4. What are my repo market explanations

This is a video you can't afford to miss! Scroll back to the top to watch.

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