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Repo Market: Is The Crisis Getting Worse? (ANSWER REVEALED!)


Is the repo market the canary in the coal mine signaling the next financial collapse?

The new repo market timeline that proves this crisis is NOT going away is revealed, right here, right now!

Don't be caught off guard like so many before Lehman Brothers went bust.

Watch this video to make sure you have all the most recent intel on the repo market bailout (QE4)

It all started in mid-September when overnight the rates in the repo market skyrocketed by an unheard of 400%!!

The Fed stepped in and injected liquidity like they always do, which is a fancy way of saying they printed more money, which will cause future inflation and widen the wealth gap, and gave it to the banks and financial institutions.

Of course, Jerome Powell came out and said the repo market crash was nothing more than a “glitch” and was only temporary.

In other words, nothing to see here…move along. But you know from watching my videos, once they started QE they can never stop, and this was the latest round (QE4).

But Jerome Powell was adamant that what the Fed was doing in the repo market was NOT QE. Even though it was the exact textbook definition.

Why will the Fed never admit the continued repo market bailout is QE? Because by admitting they have to start QE again they're admitting QE 123 failed.

The market would then lose confidence and we all know the entire economy is built on debt, asset prices, and confidence.

So the temporary “glitch” in the repo market has now turned into something far more permanent as I show in this video where we look at the timeline of the Fed's continued bailout of the repo market. In this video I discuss:

1. The repo market timeline and how it continues to get worse (longer time, more money).

2. Why the big banks have 1.3 trillion parked and EXCESS reserves and won't lend it out at a big profit in the repo market.

3. Systemically risky (too big to fail) financial institutions that will go bust if the Fed loses control of the repo market.

This is a video you can't afford to miss as we continue to track the events of the repo market madness.

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