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Federal Reserve: Why Their Plans Lead To ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION!


What is the federal reserve's master plan to solve its biggest economic problem?

And is the federal reserve doomed to fail? Will they create an ECONOMIC CRISIS?

Find out all this and much much more in this incredibly unique video on the federal reserve that will break things down for you in an easy to understand way.

The federal reserve has mandated such as employment and inflation. But that's not their biggest problem.

The fed's biggest problem is the GOVERNMENT!

That's right! Government debt is the fed's biggest Achilles heel.

Because of their flawed approach to economic thinking and the economy being built on a house of cards (Greenspan's unintended consequences) they have no way out, anything they do now will only make matters worse.

The federal reserve has created a massive wealth gap and if they continue to do what they've done over the last 3 decades the wealth gap, and social unrest will become far worse.

If you're an American who plans to stay in the US for the foreseeable future this is a must-watch video.

The federal reserve controls the most important price in the world, the price of the US dollar.

In this video you'll find the following:

1. What's the economic problem the federal reserve needs to solve and how do they think?

2. How the federal reserve tries to achieve growth in the economy (old school)

3. How do they try to get that growth now

4. How Alan Greenspan (and other factors) changed the US culture and society

5. Why the federal reserves best-laid plans will fail (intro to Austrian economics)

6. How the federal reserve exacerbates the wealth gap

7. Why the only thing they can do is make things worse

Check out the video above.