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Ray Dalio: Discover His Shocking New Predictions (Economic Collapse!)


Ray Dalio reveals insider secrets 👉YOUR FUTURE depends on. 👈

In an amazing post titled “The World Has Gone Mad And The System Is Broken,” Ray Dalio gives YOU dire warnings for the future of the US and the entire western world.

As always, I break it all down for you in a way that's super easy to understand, I explain everything clearly so you can make smart financial decisions in the future, that according to Ray Dalio (and the facts), looks grim.

Ray Dalio's post echoed much of what I talk about on this channel (I think he might be a subscriber!

He talks about the world's governments having so much debt it's completely unsustainable, therefore they'll have to continue the money printing game until the whole system collapses.

It's great to see a legendary investor, like Ray Dalio, reiterate so much of what all of us know to be true, but never is talked about in the mainstream media.

This video is an absolute must-watch. I break Ray Dalio's epic post down into 13 short parts so you can follow along easily and absorb all the super important information.

In this Ray Dalio video you'll discover:

  1. How the “free money” system works.
  2. How this destroys the economy.
  3. How government debt has/will become unsustainable.
  4. How rates on government debt will most likely skyrocket in the US, Japan, Europe.
  5. What will the Fed do to try to prevent the collapse?
  6. How the pensions are bust.
  7. And how this will lead to mass social unrest.
  8. How the END Game plays out with the paradox of a few having access to free money
  9. and the rest of us having access to no money.

This post from Ray Dalio is one of the best things I've read. Simply amazing clarity from a titan in the world of finance and economics.