Dollar Collapse Explained: Will It Happen In The US?


The dollar collapse (hyperinflation)


“Dollar collapse” is kind of a vague term though. It's actually referring to hyperinflation.

So in this video, we dive into a study of 19 countries that have experienced hyperinflation in the modern era to better understand what the dollar collapse would look like in the US and what could be the catalyst (there are several).

Trust me, this is a video you don't want to miss!

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The dollar collapse

The dollar collapse isn't just about numbers and statistics though, it's about every day, living breathing people like you and I.

We discover this by diving into a couple of stories from, one of the best blogs online, it's a must-read.

These stories, of two Germans who experienced the horrors of a dollar collapse when their currency (the Mark) was inflated into oblivion, will help you understand why it's crucial to be prepared for the dollar collapse.

To understand the dollar collapse we explore the following:

  1. Hyperinflation (dollar collapse) statistics and numbers
  2. Story of Maximilian Bern (the devastation of a dollar collapse)
  3. How the dollar collapse might happen. What could be the trigger?
  4. IMF report on hyperinflation 5. Story of Hugo Stinnes (how to prepare for the dollar collapse)