Rogue Fund Manager Reveals Hidden Secrets of the World Economy

Rebel Capitalist Show

When a major economy like the United States gets sick, the whole world subsequently falls ill.

That’s the nature of a globalized international market. This current world is filled with out-of-control central banks and governments. As a result, the likelihood of global economic crises increases significantly. 

Nothing operates in isolation any longer. Just look at how ubiquitous abusive central banking and big governments are worldwide. The present COVID-19 hysteria demonstrated how there are very few places to run to.

Many of these countries worked in tandem to suppress their own people. Similarly, these countries mimicked each other when it came to the fiscal and lockdown policies they pursued throughout the pandemic.

However, all the economic interventionism Western governments have pursued is beginning to rear its ugly head and potentially explode in the faces of countries worldwide. This will manifest itself in the form of nasty recessions and other economic reversals. 

As long as big governments and central banks exist, economic threats to people’s livelihoods will always be around the corner.

Now more than ever, people need to embrace their Inner Rebel Capitalist and stand up against the statist system surrounding them.