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The One Lawyer Who Actually Believes in Freedom

Rebel Capitalist Show

Few people are willing to consistently defend liberty these days.

People tend to opt for conformity and submit to the unprecedented levels of tyranny taking place across the West. For many, big government is a normal institution that should not be questioned.

However, there are brave individuals out there who stand out and break the mold. These figures go against the grain and point out the flaws in a given political system. At first, people mock them. However, as time goes on, these gadflies begin to acquire more respect. 

The key to breaking a tyrannical status quo is to continue pressing on and speaking the truth. Some of the greatest trailblazers took massive blows to their reputation, social standing, and financial status as they committed their lives to standing up to the powers that be.

In these trying times, courage and a steadfast commitment to the truth is needed for us to fully restore freedoms. Conformity only guarantees our subjugation to the forces of tyranny.