Why the Government’s Inflation Figures are a Total Lie


As long as the government controls economic data, Americans will never know the truth about the economic shenanigans imposed on them. 

Indices like the Consumer Price Index (CPI) are often manipulated to downplay the level of inflation that’s roaring across the economy.

The government has to maintain the illusion that everything is A-OK. So they pay a bunch of bean counters and stat nerds to help fudge economic data.

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As a result of this, the American public has been led to believe inflation is fully under control. However, many economic sleuths have done fantastic work to demonstrate that this is a total farce.

Independent macro experts have been sounding the alarms about the flaws of the CPI for decades, and now it appears that people are beginning to listen to their warnings.

It’s going to take a continuous red-pilling of the population for the masses to realize that the government has been lying to them about nearly all economic activity of major importance.