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Are Social Credit Scores the Future in America?

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Social Credit Scores in America?

Since it was first announced in 2014, the Chinese Communist Party in China has been slowly rolling out a social credit system for its citizens.

An individual’s score determines their level of participation in society and can move up or down depending on behavior.

Two years ago, the idea of a social credit system in America would have been shrugged off as a conspiracy theory. But amidst the cerveza sickness hysteria and recent calls for vaccine passports, implementing a social credit system in the United States would not be too far of a stretch for the imagination.

In China, citizens can be punished for activities like bad driving, missing loan payments, spreading fake news, smoking in restricted areas, and even playing too many video games. Punishments for these abhorrent actions include travel bans, slow internet, denied education or jobs, and even getting your dog taken away.

As we have discussed before, an easy way to implement a similar system here in America would be to introduce a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

A CBDC would allow the government to track your spending habits and potentially even ban you from purchasing certain items such as meat, gasoline-powered vehicles, or guns.

Another potential tool of a CBDC would be the ability to determine the rate at which you spend your money. If the government does not feel as if you are spending your money quick enough in the economy, an expiration date could be implemented.

So far, we have not seen any real signs of a CBDC here in the United States. However, we are seeing growing acceptance and calls for vaccine passports. A June 2021 survey found that 81.8% of United States respondents supported the idea of vaccine passports.

The general idea behind these vaccine passports would be a downloadable app that indicated whether you have all the government-required medications, vaccines, or booster shots to participate in certain areas of society. Among others, commercial airlines, employers, public transportation, and events would be likely the first adopters of these passports.

In an even scarier development, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has been reporting on a new era of technology called the “internet of bodies”. The internet of bodies refers to an “unprecedented number of connected devices and sensors being affixed to or even implanted and ingested into the human body”.

So instead of an app that relies on input data, our global elite wants to put medical devices in our bodies to collect biometric and human behavioral data in real-time. No thanks.

As terrifying as this sounds, the WEF is no stranger to intruding on our personal freedoms. The organization is very well connected with the world’s most powerful individuals and companies; including partnerships with Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna, who have now injected almost half of the world’s population with an experimental drug.

These, along with many other powerful individuals and companies are currently assisting the WEF in their Great Reset Agenda. With little to no resistance to this campaign, who is to stop them from implanting our bodies with medical tracking devices?

Together, a CBDC combined with a vaccine or health passport would provide all of the personal information needed for the government to implement a social credit score system.

Purchasing history would impact your social score based on whether the government views those products or services favorably or not. Similarly, a health passport would be able to track your medical history and vitals in real-time.

Just as we can see in China, your score would dictate your level of participation in society, effectively creating different classes of citizens.

Not only is this morally abhorrent, but it would result in a recipe for violence. Many of history’s wars have been fought over freedom or class struggles, and a social credit system would create both.

While we do not yet know if any of these intrusions on our freedoms and privacy will come to fruition in the United States, we must remember that the fight for freedom never ends.

A society that chooses safety over freedom, deserves neither and will receive neither.