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The Great Reset Agenda End Game

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How The Great Reset Agenda Plays Out for ordinary people

stagflate, tax, and lie

These Globalists plan to stagflate, tax, and lie their way to a global great reset. Why? Because there is no other way to convince rational people that communism is a good idea.

Only naive college kids and low-information imbeciles possess enough audacity to promote communism in public.

All their goodwill, and dreams of building the perfect eutopia of equal outcomes for all, is just smoke and mirrors.

Rebel Capitalist Pro

It's a total coverup and sham, and this is a fantastic way to sum it up.

I have to give all the credit to my good buddy, Jason Burack with Wall Street for Main Street.

What We Know So Far:

  • Government debt is at an all-time high. This is a huge problem, especially if you're a government official and you want to keep power.
  • The World Economic Forum is a group of government leaders that's been meeting since the 1970s, of course they all know each other. They're trying to help each other out. It's the cronyism I was talking about before.
  • This isn't about climate change. It's about increasing your taxes.
  • It's not about equality. It's about increasing regulation on everyday people like you and me.
  • It's about micromanaging everything. These global elites think that they're so much smarter than you, that you can't make decisions on your own.
  • It's not about increasing your living standards. It's about giving them more and more power. Don't be fooled, they do not care for any of these topics or your wellbeing.

They care about one thing and one thing only, that is pursuing their own self-interest.

Pursuing one's own self-interest is a primitive and fundamental character trait that guides human behavior. It's a constant in nature, just like the speed of light, or gravity.

I went back to the reset agenda pictograph published in Schwab's article…

But now I've redrawn it in a way that's far more accurate.

Stagflate, tax, and lie

We need to understand the details, so we can connect the dots and see what's most likely coming down the pipeline for everyday people like you and me.

1. Tax

They've already increased your taxes without you even knowing back in 2018 with a tax bill that was passed.

You think it lowered your taxes but think again.

In the near term, it may have seen a tax break, but in the long run, your taxes will increase dramatically. Here's why.

The tax bracket scam that nobody is talking about

It's this tax bracket scam that nobody is talking about. It's very important that you understand how this works.

Look at this chart:

A comparison between consumer price inflation and a modified version of consumer price inflation designed to make inflation look weaker.

They've changed the way they measure inflation from something called the CPIU to the CCPIU.

Of course, the CCPIU measures inflation at a lower rate than how it was measured before.

Why tax brackets are important

Because the bill purposefully keeps tax brackets lower, for longer. That way, if your income does go up in nominal terms (adjusted for inflation), then your purchasing power isn't increasing at all, yet, you end up in a higher tax bracket anyways. So they siphon off more tax revenue.

Inflation causes your wages to go up, which feels like you are earning more money. And that's what they want you to believe, so they can take more of it. Unfortunately, your real wealth has not increased.

They're stealing more and more of your income without you even knowing it.

This strategy, or scam, was baked into the 2018 tax bill and sold to the general public as a way to lower taxes.

But of course, it's increasing your taxes long-term. Total scam.

2. Lies

I also think they're going to increase long-term capital gains to the same level as income.

They're going to increase the wealth tax, the exit tax, and they're definitely going to increase property taxes at a local level if you live in one of these states or cities that are totally bust, like California and New York.

And they're going to lie the way they've always done it: through bogus numbers with the CPI and the unemployment rate.

ShadowStats Reports Higher Inflation than What Government Admits

Look at these two charts that we all know well from Shadowstats.

If the CPI was measured the same way today as it was back in the 1970s, the inflation rate for the last decade would be almost 10%.

And, unemployment, although they say it's at an all-time low, Shadowstats tells us a different truth.

Now, I want to make sure everyone understands that Shadowstats didn't come up with their own formulas for CPI and unemployment.

They take the old way the government measured CPI back in the '70s and '80s and apply it to today's numbers.

ShadowStats includes people who haven't looked for a job in over a year. The government ignores the long-term unemployed as though they do not exist. It makes their numbers look better.

That's right. The government pretends long term unemployed citizens do not exist. 

The government lies about its data so it can support narratives like, “we're in the greatest economy ever.”

We've never seen anything like it because all of these statistics like unemployment are so fantastic, but if we actually adjusted it for the correct CPI, although nominal GDP growth would be the same, real GDP growth would be flat if not negative, going all the way back to the GFC.


If you're a government with a massive debt load, then how do you get rid of it? Inflation.

How the government reduces debt

The government can either default on its debts or they can inflate its debts away.

But there's a problem. They're looking at Japan and Europe and saying to themselves…

“Well, Japan and Europe have negative interest rates. They've done all this quantitative easing, yet they still can't get inflation up high enough to reduce the debt load.”

So their idea of paying down the debt with cheaper currency units isn't working out. 

In order to get the type of inflation they need to really reduce the debt burden, they know they've got to increase M2 money supply and money velocity.

There's a lot of things that go into inflation, but these are the two big components.

How modern-day governments create inflation

The first thing they can do is Universal Basic Income (UBI). Unlike quantitative easing, which is done through a central bank and only serves to increase bank reserve capacity, UBI provides transfer payments to citizens in the real economy. 

UBI doesn't increase money velocity

The government needs beneficiaries of UBI to get out there and spend that fiat very quickly. Velocity picks up when currency changes hands.

This increases M2 money supply and velocity. Of course, UBI accomplishes this goal, but what you could do to take it a step further, which I definitely think they'll do, is ban cash.

Central Bank Digital Currencies

Practically every central bank on the planet is plotting a new scheme to introduce their own central bank digital currency. The Fed is working on one right now.

They'll bribe you with fast and easy money by participating. They'll want you to put an app on your phone and you'll have an account with the federal reserve or US Treasury. 

The fed or the government will transfer currency units or fed coins to your app (supply), then you'll have to go out there and spend it (velocity) within a certain timeframe or else you'll lose it forever. Saving it will be prohibited.

This is their way of increasing the money supply, and velocity of money. 

And those of you paying very close attention might be saying to yourself, “Yeah, George, I get it. They're increasing UBI. They're banning cash. But won't this just make deficits bigger?”

How does UBI get rid of debt?

Insert MMT! They believe the government can spend money or even should spend money without issuing treasuries (debt) at all.

If you can spend money like a drunken sailor and you don't have to issue debt, your debt never goes up. It's magical how that works!

If we look at the supply side of the equation, we have money supply and velocity increasing. The next thing they can do, to really stoke inflation, is reduce the number of goods and services in the real economy.

One way to do this is to de-globalize, so all those supply chains that were overseas, bring them back home.

Another thing you can do is increase the unemployment rate.

Usually, this would be on the demand side of the equation. But if you're providing everyone with a free income – an income that would have normally been earned through productive fruits of their labor – then the demand side of the equation stays the same, or increases.

The supply side, on the other hand, continues to shrink because people are being paid to stay home and not produce anything. 

Inflation is a direct result of more money in the system chasing fewer goods and services.

All of these businesses are going bust and it makes one really start to ponder…

If there was a plan to initiate a global reset, then how do you suppose they would initiate this whole plan? A pandemic perhaps?

Because it's exactly what we have, right now, with the Covid-19.

Is the Covid-19 just some random unfortunate event that just happens to increase unemployment dramatically, most likely long-term, so they can push this great reset narrative?

The timing seems extremely suspicious.

I have no idea. But what I do know is that the pandemic has been incredibly convenient and accommodating to the global elites pushing the great reset agenda. 

I think is all about reducing government debt.

The Great Reset Ends In Theft

What this means for you and me, the average Joe and Jane is that they're going to try to steal our purchasing power, the purchasing power of our children and grandchildren through taxation and inflation.

They're going to try to take what little freedom we have left, and they're going to try to seize as much power as they possibly can because like Milton Friedman says, “They are just as greedy, if not more greedy.”

This is why I would argue, that these corporate CEOs who are advocating for the great reset agenda are definitely not benevolent nor are they virtuous.

On that note, I had the change Klaus's quote that he used in his post to: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

I think that is far more appropriate and after this explanation, I think you would agree.

  • Is this plan about climate equality and increasing the living standard for everyone in the world?
  • Is it about reducing government debt through stagflate tax, and lie, or is it about something far more sinister?

What are your spidey senses telling you?

Take one last look at these global elite's words at the world economic forum, who want to impose this great reset agenda on all of us, and I'll let you be the judge of their true intentions.

Professor Klaus Schwab: Now is the historical moment of time, we need a great reset.

Kristalina Georgieva: History would look at this crisis as a great opportunity for reset.

António Guterres: It is imperative that we reimagine, rebuilt, redesign, reinvigorate, and rebalance our worlds.