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The End of the World as We Know It?

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The arrogance of political elites often sows the seeds of a civilization’s destruction. For example, many members of the American ruling class believe they can print and spend money to their heart’s content without facing any consequences for their economically negligent actions.

However, there are limits to such actions. The iron laws of economics have nasty ways of rearing their ugly heads. When that happens, all sorts of chaos starts running loose – inflation, shortage, businesses closing, etc.

Now, this nightmare scenario is unfolding before our very own eyes. Arrogant politicians are getting a strong dose of economic reality and the US is faced with making many hard decisions.  

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The problems that we face are the product of government intervention. From regulations to money printing, the US economy has been subject to non-stop government meddling. The US is beginning to pay the price for its deviation from market practices.

For nearly a century, US political elites have thoroughly adopted big government policies to fight the perceived “excesses” of capitalism. For a few decades, the US could get away with pursuing such misguided measures, thanks to the capital its most productive people accumulated decades prior.

However, this wealth that previous generations were able to amass could not completely shield the country from the inevitable consequences of its statist policies. Eventually, something has to give.

Now, Americans have to deal with unprecedented declines in their standard of living — all brought about by government intervention. Much to Americans’ dismay, the political class will never recognize the root causes of America’s economic problems.

As a result, Americans will continue to economically suffer.