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The Many Legal Problems that Americans Have to Face Under the COVID-1984 State

Rebel Capitalist Show

How does political change happen? That’s the million dollar question being asked now that the US finds itself in economic and political dire straits.

It almost seems that the bad guys are always winning. Irrespective of which party is in control, the same ruling class holds the levers of power. 

However, with Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk’s recent move to try to buy Twitter for $43 billion, new avenues for reform are now available. Whether or not this deal goes through is still up in the air. Regardless, it shows the need for elite defection in order for any meaningful political change to take place. 

Indeed, politics is moved by elites. In the present, we have a corrupt elite that works against the interest of the general population. They do so by promoting easy money, big government, and never-ending wars. The thing is that we need the right kind of elites to be in power and steer us in the right direction.

To be sure, we’re not calling for a technocratic ruling class. A virtuous elite is one that possesses skills but recognizes the limits of what it can do.

Everyone — regular workers, liberty-minded politicians, and prominent entrepreneurs — has a part to play in the battle to restore political sanity in the US. As the country continues to spiral out of control, it’s up to political dissidents to create a new natural elite who will be ready to put forward a new vision for society once the present model falls apart.