The Global Elites Want to Impoverish You


Globalists are notorious for having fantastical ideological beliefs. They view the world and its diverse populations as test subjects for their idealistic experiments.  They’ll use fluffy terms like “sustainability”, “equity”, and “justice” to market their programs.

However, the devil is in the details when dealing with all things political. Beneath the globalist’s rosy rhetoric is an elitist desire to control and impoverish people.

The world of peace and harmony they supposedly support is a facade for a much more nefarious plot. Members of the ruling class are consummate elitists who despise commoners and other people they view as “inferior.”

The globalists would like nothing more than a docile and poor population to lord over.

That’s why they’re taking advantage of COVID-19 and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to roll out their diabolical plans to transform society. Crises are the opportune moments for would-be tyrants to consolidate their grip over society.

That’s why globalists are currently working overtime to impose their nefarious agenda. We’re not dealing with well-intentioned political actors. These elites want to transform society in a way that would impoverish millions of people and allow for a technocratic to rule over them in perpetuity.

Once this new order is ushered in, one can kiss all Western freedoms goodbye.