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What’s Next for the American Economy?

Rebel Capitalist Show

Politicians love spending other people’s money. Those are some of the many perks of being a political parasite in D.C. 

The universal propensity among politicians is to consolidate their power and guarantee their re-election. They do so by voting for big spending bills to buy off constituents and passing regulations to protect their corporate cronies that got them elected. 

As a result, the government continues to grow at an unstoppable rate. No matter which party is in charge in Washington, D.C. the government continues to grow at breakneck speeds, while our freedoms erode on a yearly basis.

Indeed, the ideology that dominates D.C. politics is one that is thoroughly statist in nature. The only way that the D.C. Swamp’s “Stagflate, Tax, and Lie” agenda will come to an end is through an ideological revolution that sees the present elites replaced with a new set of elites that believe in private property, economic freedom, and individual liberty.