How Quickly Will the Dollar Fall? Peter Schiff vs. Brent Johnson Debate

Rebel Capitalist Show

Is the American dollar on its last legs?

That’s the million dollar question on the back of every macro analysts’ mind.

Since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, the value of the dollar has taken a beating.

Nevertheless, the dollar has remained the world reserve currency by virtue of the U.S. being the pre-imminent military and economic power

However, some people believe that may be changing. 

Due to a combination of factors ranging from the U.S.’s unsustainable fiscal and monetary policies to the rise of a multipolar geopolitical environment, the U.S.’s days as the sole, undisputed superpower are now being questioned. 

What this means for the dollar is anyone’s guess.  One this is certain: The U.S. is likely headed for a turbulent 21st century.