Real Estate in 2022 With Ken McElroy

Rebel Capitalist Show

Regardless of America’s economic circumstances, there’s always going to be demand for housing. Let’s be real, shelter is one of the foundational needs for any human being.

As the seasoned income property investor Jason Hartman noted, “the home is the center of the universe.” People will always need housing irrespective of the economic scenario in front of them.

When push comes to shove, people will downsize and opt to live in humbler housing arrangements. 

Now, even in times of economic crisis, there will be those who thrive and are building businesses. While remote work is becoming more prominent, there will still be a need for commercial real estate.

Economic crises have losers but they also have winners in the form of enterprising individuals who adapt to the circumstances. Always remember, in crisis there’s always opportunities for the financially savvy to profit from.