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What Jamie Dimon and His Banking Cronies Don’t Want You to Know About the Banking System


The ruling class has every incentive to obfuscate how things work in the economy. 

Central banking is one of the biggest scams imposed on the American populace, yet many Americans take it for granted as a normal part of everyday economic activity.

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, not only has the dollar experienced a significant loss in its value, politicians now have access to a vast printing press to finance all of their crazy, big government schemes.

However, this big government party eventually has to come to an end. That’s the harsh nature of economic reality. As a result, politicians and the economic technocrats that advise them are frantically scrambling to build an alternative system that will try to put the economic pieces back together. 

This new system may come in the form of a central bank digital currency. The establishment of such a system will not augur well for economic and personal freedom in America.